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Samsung foldable phone could have two batteries


The biggest consumption of power on a smartphone is the display so when decided to include multiple displays on its foldable device, naturally, the discussion turned to the longevity of the battery.

To power the foldable Samsung Galaxy phone, the device will come with two 3100mAh batteries according to GalaxyClub (via GSMArena). The additional power cell would help provide additional juice to the foldable phone. Samsung is tipped to launch the Galaxy F next month with a prototype demonstrated last year showing the device with a forward and rear-facing display that folds out.

The total 6200mAh battery capacity might sound like a lot but to power two displays it’s not much. Given the two displays will be powered by the two batteries, it will draw power from each battery so will drain at the same rate as a single display powered by a single battery.

With the battery life not necessarily doubled by two batteries, it remains to be seen what other challenges having a foldable display will be presented.


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